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About NS Consulting

Nina Selvaggio Consulting works with nonprofit organizations to help them reimagine their impact. I provide support and services centered around ideal management & leadership, rigorous annual planning, thoughtful communications, efficient executive support, sustainable operations and inspired staff engagement. 

I am a nonprofit professional with twenty years of leadership experience in the social sector.  I started my career as a grassroots organizer and have developed deep experiences with community organizing, operations management and strategic leadership.  To that end, I have built coalitions and worked with communities around a range of issues including, education reform, racial equity, family equality and tackling the intersections of oppression.  My tenure includes strategic roles with several local & national nonprofits. These have ranged from annual budgets between $100,000 and $20 million, a handful to hundreds of employees with multiple sites. My core passion, expertise, abilities and commitment to social justice are grounded in my goal to integrate improved ways of operating so talent can focus their time and energy on bringing a mission to life.